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Art & Illustration Boards

Blick offers a wide selection of boards and panels for art, illustration, mixed media, and more. Illustration board is a thick board with paper affixed to a rigid backing. Ideal for finished work and reproduction, illustration board has only one usable side and comes in both hot and cold press varieties, suitable for pen-and-ink, graphite, light watercolor washes, charcoal, colored pencils, mixed media, and even acrylics or gouache.

Bristol Board provides two working surfaces, front and back. Great for paint as well as drawing media. A bristol board is usually lighter in weight and is intended for longer term use and preservation. The better quality bristol boards are archival. Bristol board is thinner than illustration board, has two usable sides, and is also available in smooth or vellum finishes. Smooth bristol board has a flat, untextured surface for work with pencils, pen-and-ink, markers, gouache, and acrylics. Media that require a toothy or textured finish, such as charcoal or pastels, are best suited for vellum surface bristol board or boards and panels designed specifically for accepting multiple layers of color.

Cold Press Illustration Board has a slightly textured surface that works well a variety of media, including acrylic paint, charcoal, watercolor, tempera, pastels, and more. The textured surface helps the media adhere easily to the surface.

Hot Press Illustration Board has a smooth surface that works well with pen and ink, markers and airbrush. Hot press boards are great when wanting to create detailed work, such as fine lines.

Blick also offers a variety of mixed media boards that have canvas, watercolor paper, or even primed surfaces to accept a variety of media.