Create artwork, precise drawings, and beautiful writing with inks from Blick. We offer a variety of acrylic inks, alcohol inks, waterproof inks, India ink, and other black inks for calligraphy, hand lettering, ink pouring, or creating pearlescent, glitter, or metallic effects. Shop our selection of printmaking inks that include intaglio and etching inks, screen printing inks, block printing inks (for both textiles and paper), and lithography and monotype inks. If stamping is your thing, you’ll find stamp pads and ink refills in a rainbow of colors, plus additives and mixatives. Fill your favorite fountain pen or technical pen with ink refills, and find watercolor sets, ink sticks, liquid inks, and more to practice the ancient art of sumi-e painting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What inks can I use in a fountain pen? Technical Pen?

    Fountain pens require fountain pen inks. Currently, all of the fountain pen inks we offer are non-waterproof. Technical pens may use waterproof inks, but it’s important that they be intended for technical pen use to avoid unnecessary clogging. Look in the product description to see whether use in technical pens is recommended.

  • Can I use ink on canvas? For a mixed media work?

    Testing is crucial for any mixed media work, and that includes ink on canvas. Acrylic ink, for example, is extremely well suited to work on acrylic-primed canvas and will be compatible with other acrylic media. Alcohol ink, on the other hand, contains dyes that may bleed up through acrylic layers, so alcohol-based dyes inks should not be used under acrylics.

  • What inks can I use on etched glass?

    Alcohol inks are a good choice for glass, including etched glass. Although we do offer Etching Inks, these are intended for use on paper rather than glass, and they may not dry on a non-absorbent substrate.