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Pencil & Graphite Erasers

Whether your pencil eraser sits on your desk, drawing board, drafting table, or tucks into your backpack, pencil case, or day planner, it's a simple yet indispensable drawing and writing tool. From the iconic Pink Pearl eraser and eraser caps used by the youngest child, to dust-free vinyl, plastic, stick, gum, soap, rubber, PVC, and battery-operated erasers, Blick carries every type of eraser for removing pencil and graphite marks from paper, acetate, drafting film, tracing paper, and other surfaces. Some also work well for retouching, adding highlights, or for removing charcoal and pastel marks. For artists and children with chemical sensitivities, Blick offers several styles of latex-free and phthalate-free erasers. From the classroom to the studio or into the field, shop Blick for the best graphite pencil erasers.