Charcoal and Pastel Erasers

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Charcoal and Pastel Erasers

When using a powdery media such as charcoal or pastel , a kneaded eraser is effective not only in removing what you’ve drawn, but also for helping blend subtle areas of a drawing. Artists will find that a kneaded eraser performs best in removing charcoal and pastel from artwork because it doesn’t leave bits of rubber all over their drawings. Kneaded erasers also have the unique feature of not wearing down. They can also be molded and shaped into a variety of forms.

Other art erasers effective in removing or blending charcoal and pastel marks include art gum erasers, erasers characterized as “extra soft,” soap erasers, and those made from other non-abrasive materials that are gentle on paper. Shop Blick for erasing shields and eraser pads that help refine your work, clean your work areas, and remove fingerprints, dirt, and other unwanted marks.