Drafting Supplies

Blick has a long history of supporting professional artists such as architects, product designers, interior designers, and other professionals in the areas of drafting and architecture. After all, Blick’s first product was a lettering pen! From rulers, protractors, triangles, straightedges, T-squares, compasses, and curves, to materials for scale models and the tools to build them, Blick offers drafting supplies and architecture supplies both basic and complex.

Shop our broad selection of technical pencils and pens, drawing and illustration markers, illustration pens, and other tools of the trade. Find drafting vellum, sketch pads, plus drafting, layout, tracing, and transfer papers.

Blick also offers a wide selection of drafting tables for professionals, students, and classroom settings. Most feature an adjustable surface that tilts for drawing or creating plans, and can also lay flat for writing and computer work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need mylar or vellum for drafting. Where do I look?

    Vellum is a paper product and will be listed under Drafting Paper and Layout Paper. "Mylar" is a trade name for a polyester film. You will find this type of drafting film listed under Acetate on our website.