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Digital 3D Printing

Every 3-D printer works on the same principle — it builds models by adding materials a layer at a time, either from a digital design file or directly from the hand of a designer or artist. The 3Doodler Create is a digital 3-D printing tool that allows users to create an infinite variety of extruded, bendable plastic shapes and objects on paper, glass, or other surfaces.

Start EDU Bundles from 3Doodler allow entire classrooms or other learning environments to be outfitted with 3Doodler pens and begin learning in a new dimension. They complement STEAM subjects such as engineering, math, science, and design, while they teach spatial awareness and tactile skills in a fun, engaging way. The M3D Micro Plus 3D Printer is a consumer printer that prints with incredible quality from any 3-D model — perfect for making engineering prototypes, finely detailed models, art, games, toys, gifts, and much more.