Vine and Willow Charcoal

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Vine and Willow Charcoal

Charcoal is an expressive and spontaneous art material that originated with the earliest cave paintings. Available in many forms, two of the most common types of charcoal are vine and willow charcoal. Vine charcoal is made by burning grapevine and is known for its distinctive, natural shape and range of velvety gray shades. Willow charcoal is made by burning twigs from the willow tree, and is known for making rich, extra-smooth marks. Unlike compressed charcoal, vine and willow charcoal contain no binding agents, which makes their marks easier to erase.

Blick offers a wide range of vine charcoal and willow charcoal sticks in many sizes, plus sets that include sketching tools and other charcoal varieties. To experiment with this versatile media, shop for willow charcoal powder and innovative products such as Nitram batons, mignonettes, powdered charcoal, and liquid charcoal that has the consistency of oil paint and can be used straight from the tube.