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Pastel Chalk

One of the unique properties of pastel chalk (also called chalk pastel) is that it blends easily, using tools such as tortillions, a chamois, or fingers to blend, manipulate, and control colors. A variety of soft pastel, pastel chalk contains a binder that helps the color stick to paper and other surfaces. Its drier texture and concentrated pigmentation generally result in softer, smoother drawings than other types of pastel, and should not be confused with standard chalkboard chalk.

Shop Blick for pastel chalk sticks, and pastel chalk sets that contain chalk pencils, sharpeners, and other tools. Jumbo-size, crumble-resistant pastel chalk sticks such as Richeson Street Stix Pavement Pastels are ideal for creating long-lasting street art, murals, and other outdoor art. Choose from a variety of vibrant colors and sets.