Drawing chalk differs from chalkboard chalk in that it contains a binding agent that makes it adhere to sidewalks and paper. It is not intended for use on chalkboards. Chalkboard chalk contains no binding agents but is composed of pure chalk that wipes clean when used on chalkboards. Liquid chalk markers are waterbased markers that combine the best qualities of chalk with the convenience of a marker for use on non-porous surfaces such as windows, whiteboards, and chalkboards, both indoors and out.

Use chalkboard paint to create a chalkboard-like surface on glass, wood, metal, and more — and chalky finish paints on furniture, wicker, metal, plastic, and glass. Try non-toxic spray chalk for outdoor play and temporary decorations on asphalt, grass, snow, and sand. This type of spray chalk can be rinsed away easily with water. Shop Blick for all the chalk art supplies you need including whiteboard and blackboard erasers, plus spray cleaners that clean and refresh these surfaces.