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Calligraphy Papers

The paper you choose can have an enormous impact on your calligraphy projects, and successful calligraphy is the result of matching the right paper to the right inks and writing instruments. An essential feature of a good calligraphy paper includes the ability to take ink well without feathering or bleeding. In the world of calligraphy, low absorbency is key — it means the ink won’t bleed through to the other side. The most common papers for calligraphy are “sized” papers, which refers to a treatment of a paper’s surface during the manufacturing process that prevents the ink being absorbed by the paper’s fibers. Since sharp, clean lettering is usually desired in calligraphy, a sized paper should be a consideration when choosing a paper.

Smooth-surfaced papers are generally a suitable choice for calligraphy, but sometimes a little “tooth” or roughness will help “grab” the ink and also be maximized to create artistic effects. Some calligraphers prefer hot press (smooth) watercolor papers; others prefer cold press papers, which have a somewhat rougher surface. Yet others prefer a surface such as Bienfang calligraphic parchment paper, or that found in Strathmore 500 Series writing pads. Shop Blick for calligraphy sheets and pads, plus calligraphy pens, calligraphy markers, kits that include calligraphy practice paper and instructions, and blank cards and stationery for creating memorable calligraphic communications.