Craft Paint

Find the perfect craft paint for your next project. Some craft paints work well on a variety of surfaces, and others are meant for specific materials. Blick carries a wide selection of craft paints for all kinds of projects.

Acrylic craft paint is a great general-purpose paint — it can be used on most surfaces. Some acrylic craft paints add sparkling or metallic shimmering effects to your surface. Paint on clothes, totes, costumes, and other fabric surfaces with fabric paint. Create a dimensional look, metallic designs, and much more.

Window paint is ideal for creating themed illustrations, colorful patterns, messages, and more on windows. Apply it in a variety of ways — pour it out of a bottle and paint it on with a brush, or dab it on from a spring-valve applicator. Add a fresh color or unique design to furniture with craft furniture paint. Repurpose old furniture, flea market finds, and more.