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Model Building Kits

Whether you’re an architecture instructor looking for all-in-one scale model kits, shopping for a gift, or just looking for your next challenge, we have model-building kits for every age, stage, and experience level.

Scale Models are physical replications or prototypes of objects - often buildings and vehicles. They range from simple structures to highly detailed, near-exact replicas of existing places. Scale models are used as tools in a variety of fields, including engineering and architecture, to test the structural integrity of building projects and to sell concepts to builders and investors. They’re also used in film production projects when creating larger props, sets, or prototypes would be impractical.

As a beloved hobby for kids and adults, model building kits are a fun way to try something new or build on existing skills. Whether you've always dreamed of constructing futuristic buildings or want to bring fantastic creatures to life, model building kits come with everything you need to complete a project, plus step-by-step instructions.