Modeling and Pottery Tools

Modeling and pottery tools are those tools used by ceramicists working on a potter's wheel or building ceramic pieces by hand. Many ceramicists also use other sculpting tools, both on and off the pottery wheel. These include boxwood tools, loop and ribbon tools, ribs and scrapers, needle tools, sponges, shapers, and sgraffito tools. Clay texture tools include clay mats, stamps, press tools, rubbing plates, and rollers for applying surface designs to unfired clay. For removing finished pieces from your pottery wheel or work surface, choose clay cutters made from wire, nylon, or plastic-coated steel. Need to make several ceramic pieces of the same shape or size? Try ceramic molds. For an economical way to get started, Blick offers a variety of sets that contain essential modeling tools, pottery tools, and clay tools for the studio or classroom. Many modeling tools can also be used with plaster and synthetic casting materials as well as clay.