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Mold Making Materials

Blick offers a range of silicone and rubber for mold making and casting that include latex casting rubber, liquid latex, and platinum silicone rubber for creating skin appliances, masks, body parts, and makeup effects for cosplay and theater. Use urethane rubber to make molds for reproducing sculpture, prototypes, architectural elements, and more. Silicone putty is a great choice for picking up small details, and silicone mold kits and rubber mold kits are ideal for first-time users who don’t own or have access to specialized mold-making equipment.

Other mold making materials include plaster cloth and plaster bandages for sculpture, mask making, jewelry, and craft projects. Use mold making wax for making molds quickly, easily, and inexpensively, including French wax for lost wax casting and modeling, synthetic beeswax for advanced modeling, and microcrystalline wax. Find casting plaster, hydrocal, casting stone, and lightweight casting and carving materials that look and carve like stone. Alginates are great for making one-time molds with sharp details, perfect for body casting and special effects. Find life and body mold making materials for casting bellies, hands, and other body parts, ideal for those who want to make a lasting impression of a pregnancy journey or of a loved one's hands.