Pottery Wheels and Equipment

Outfit your ceramics studio with a pottery wheel and other essential equipment from Blick. For wheel-throwing, Blick carries such top pottery wheel brands as Brent, Shimpo, Skutt, Speedball, and Laguna. Choose from sitting pottery wheels that include a wheelchair-accessible model, or tabletop models that are easy to transport and store. Blick makes it easy to compare features such as speed, centering capacity, horse power, wheel head size, splash pan design, and quietness across models. There’s even a children’s pottery wheel with a foot pedal that gives children the complete wheel-throwing experience as they throw and shape bowls, cups, and other pieces.

Shop storage containers and storage cabinets, wedging boards for making clay more pliable and removing air pockets, wheel accessories such as pottery bats and bat pins, plus slab rollers for rolling clay into uniform slabs of any thickness for hand-building projects. Find pug mills for mixing clay, clay extruders for adding elements to pottery both functional and decorative, and banding wheels for working on both hand-built and wheel-thrown pieces.