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Firing Clay

Blick offers a variety of firing clay for ceramicists at every level of their craft. These high-fire and low-fire pottery clays range from sculpture and earthenware clay to stoneware, porcelain, and raku clay. Used in conjunction with glazes, underglazes, and glaze additives, artists can achieve a range of effects in high-fire, low-fire, and mid-fire environments.

Terra cotta, earthenware, and some stoneware clays work well in low-fire environments, while porcelain and most stoneware clays are designed to be fired in high-fire environments. Ceramic pieces that are fired at lower temperatures are not as strong, whereas high-fire environments encourage a complete fusing of the clay for more functional and durable clay pieces.

Raku clay is a very special type of clay that, after being fired in a low-fire environment, has the ability to withstand the thermal shock of being removed from a hot kiln and then immediately exposed to a cool, natural environment. The glazes used in raku firings — and the process itself — create beautiful, colorful, and often unpredictable results!