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Air Dry Clay

Air dry clay is a type of no-bake clay that doesn’t require a kiln for hardening and finishing. Ideal for hand-built crafts, miniatures, jewelry, cosplay, theatre props, creating 3D graphics, and more, many air dry clays have a long working time before hardening and can be decorated with tempera, oil paints, acrylics, or markers when dry.

Available in many varieties, some air dry clays can be thrown on a pottery wheel, and some are designed especially for making a handprint keepsake, life-like dolls, or home décor items that have faux marble or stone finishes. Some can even be carved, drilled, or sanded.

Shop Blick for top brands of air dry clays and modeling clays such as Amaco and Crayola. Some varieties are intended for more skilled artists, and others are for younger artists who play with clay in art rooms, classrooms, and other learning environments.