Sculpture and Carving Tools

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Sculpture and Carving Tools

From clay sculpting tools to wood carving knives and tools for carving stone, foam, wax, plaster, and linoleum blocks, Blick is your source. Find high-quality mallets, hammers, rasps, chisels, rifflers, and more. Choose polishing materials and sandpaper in a variety of grits for finishing your wood and stone carvings. Shop craft knives for cutting plastic, foam, mat board, rubber, and leather, plus lighter-weight materials such as cardstock, paper, and plastic.

For making measurements while you work, shop for squares and gauges. Gripping materials such as putty and clear wax can be used to secure finished artworks on display shelves, pedestals, or tables — great for shows, exhibitions, and sales where viewers or shoppers might be tempted to remove or handle your artwork.