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Plastic or natural quill ferrule, with a permanent or detachable handle. Long hairs, and a natural-shaped tip. The writer has a round ferrule and a short handle. Useful for lettering and poster work. Good on smooth surfaces such as glass.


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Quill/Writer for Lettering
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Quill Brushes are the perfect tools for block lettering. They are made with a fiber, traditionally squirrel hair, that absorbs enough color so that letters can be completed with a single stroke. Use a squirrel quill with water based paints and a badger quill with oil based paints. Double and triple quills are for larger and fuller lettering styles.


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    How to Make Your Brushes Last

    Brushes are one of the most important tools a painter will purchase — and good brushes can be expensive. Kati will show you how to clean and care for your brushes so they will last longer.

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    Artists' paint brushes are made from either natural hair or synthetic fibers and can range from very stiff to very soft and flexible. Both types of brushes offer a wide range of shapes, sizes, qualities and prices. If you are considering which paint brush to buy but don't know whether to select a natural or synthetic brush, this video will help you decide.


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