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Watercolor Brush Sets

To help artists select the best watercolor brush sets for their purposes, Blick separates these sets into two categories.

Studio Watercolor Brush Sets generally contain a higher quality brushes, and are designed for professional or intermediate-level artists. Available in both natural and synthetic varieties such as Kolinsky sable, red sable, natural bristle, nylon, taklon, and synthetic fiber blends, these brushes embody the qualities so important to watercolorists, such as spring, water-holding ability, and the ability to hold points and edges. This category also includes many high-quality travel sets designed for working outside the studio.

Student Watercolor Brush Sets are just that, sets intended for students and beginning or less experienced artists. These sets may include the full range of brush shapes and sizes to help these artists learn and perfect their watercolor techniques, but they are usually more affordable. Most of these watercolor brush sets contain brushes made from synthetic fibers. Some student-quality watercolor brushes have large handles that are easier for smaller hands to grip, some can also be used for oils, tempera, or acrylic paints, and yet others come in convenient canisters or assortments that are great for schools, classrooms, and other large group settings.