Natural Hair Oil Brushes

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Natural Hair Oil Brushes

Blick offers thousands of oil paintbrushes for artists of all experience levels, from students and beginning oil painters to experienced professionals. Natural oil paintbrushes include those made from sable and sable blends, bristle, ox, fitch, and other natural hair. Brushes for oil painting traditionally have long handles so the artist can work at a distance from the canvas, although many short-handled brushes are also available. The brush fibers in oil paintbrushes are generally firmer and stiffer than those found in watercolor brushes, although many brushes used for oil painting can also be used with water-mixable oils, acrylics, gouache, watercolors, and other types of paints and mediums.

Sable Oil Brushes can be used with acrylics or watercolors, but remember that oil and water don't mix. Once used with oils, a brush can never again be used with water media. Acrylics and the solvents used with them will tend to shorten the life of a sable brush, which is why most acrylic painters use synthetic sable equivalents.