Kolinsky and Sable Brushes

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Kolinsky and Sable Brushes

Shop natural bristle brushes like kolinsky and sable brushes. Sable artist brushes are not really derived from the sable, but from a member of the weasel family that lives in Siberia and northeastern China.

Because of its strength, spring, and ability to hold fine points and edges, sable is considered the finest fiber for painting with watercolors and oil paints. Kolinsky is a more expensive, professional grade of sable that, if properly cared for, will last for many years. A pure red sable brush is a good alternative to the more expensive kolinsky, with similar performance and durability. Other more affordable sable brushes contain a mix of brush fibers such as sable and ox, or sable and fitch.

For beginning artists or students looking for the sable painting experience, Blick offers economical class packs. Many manufacturers have also developed synthetic brush alternatives that perform as well as or better than their natural sable counterparts. Access our Brush Charts for more information on types of paintbrushes, including brush shapes, fiber types, and measurements.