Acrylic Paint Brush Sets

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Acrylic Brush Sets

Create your best art with acrylic brush sets from Blick. Available in natural, synthetic, and mixed fiber sets, “studio” brush packs and sets are designed to appeal to experienced artists, while academic, scholastic, and student sets carry a more affordable price tag, making them ideal for students and beginning artists of all ages and skill levels. Our selection of synthetic and natural brush assortments, sets, canisters, and packs include travel sets, mini brushes, and wood box sets that are great for gift-giving. Most acrylic paintbrushes have long handles that allow artists to work at a distance from the painting surface; however, many brush sets also include short or even extra-short handle brushes for working closer in. Acrylic brush sets can be used to paint with other media such as oil paints, while brush sets designed for oil and watercolor work are not recommended for use with acrylic paints.