Our Culture

Achieving our Mission depends on having engaged associates across the company. We strive to nurture a culture of trust, mutual respect, and an entrepreneurial commitment to our Mission. Blick works to foster an environment where associates enjoy the same respect and care we have provided to our customers for more than 100 years.

To fulfill our Mission, our unique culture is designed to attract and develop associates based on the following principles:

  1. Exceptional Teamwork: Our Mission is dependent on supporting each other with the same passion that we exhibit to our customers. Trust, mutual accountability, and respect are the foundation of how we work with one another, just as they are key to creating superior customer experiences.
  2. Boundless Curiosity: We have an obligation to ask questions and seek answers. Policies that do not serve customers or associates properly should be challenged. The principle of Curiosity requires that we ask why, as opposed to accepting an incomplete understanding.
  3. Utmost Care: We aspire to address customer and associate questions completely and with reasonable explanations. It takes Care to do research, and patience to explain the underlying reasons. There will never be complete consensus about decisions or policies, but there must be understanding. As a business, we are always adapting to changing conditions. Our unique expression of Care enables positive, timely change.
  4. Supporting Art: Ultimately, we are about supporting the creation of Art. Because the Visual Art Community is often less recognized than it should be, our associates take pleasure in providing meaningful support for art and art education.