Why Choose Blick?

"Our success is directly linked to commitment - to our customers, our employees and our community."

Blick Art Materials is now in its third generation. As a privately held company, Blick's management isn't driven by a requirement to provide quarterly earnings reports to outside individuals or entities. Instead, our shareholders focus on long-term profitability rather than short-term gains, a philosophy that has ensured consistent growth and leadership in our industry.

While financial stability and profits are important (Blick has never reported an annual loss in its 100-year history), our owners recognize that the company must have a positive influence on its customers and employees in order to succeed and thrive. As a result, Blick offers unlimited opportunities and prides itself on consistently promoting from within to build a strong management team.

Commitment to our Customers

We are determined to make the customer experience easy, enjoyable, and productive. Our customer satisfaction ratings - consistently the highest in the industry - are achieved by providing the largest, most comprehensive selection of products and the highest level of customer service possible. Equally important, we monitor our pricing every single day to ensure that our prices are competitive.

Commitment to our Community

While Blick's primary objective is to bring the best service, selection, products, and prices to our customers, we also believe in supporting the visual arts. Our entire organization supports awareness in the creative community at both the local and national level, and our retail stores have become a vital part of the creative community by working closely with educators, schools, and local art organizations. Combined, these efforts result in an annual financial commitment in excess of $500,000.

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