Canvas Panels and Painting Papers

Canvas Panels and Papers are inexpensive surfaces that are appropriate for oil and acrylic painting. Use them for experimentation and practice, and to create works of art for which very long-term preservation is not a consideration.

If longevity must be measured in generations, and not years, our selection of Wood and Hardboard Panels offers other alternatives to stretched canvas.

Inkjet Canvas

Canvas Pads contain actual sheets of cotton canvas that have been primed and are ready to accept paint. Oils and acrylics work well on this surface. Once the painting is completed, it can be framed or stretched for display. This is a good option for artists with little studio space or for quick sketches and studies.

Acrylic Painting Papers

Acrylic Painting Papers are an inexpensive solution for acrylic painting. Acrylic paper should be heavy weight to prevent warping, have a textured surface to assure adhesion, and have sizing to prevent absorption. The medium must adhere to the surface, but not be absorbed into the substrate. Use it for practice works, instruction, studies, and sketches. If longevity must be measured in generations, and not years, stretched canvas or hardboard panels would be more stable options.

Oil Painting Papers

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