Sealife Diffusion

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diaper wipe diffusion
diaper wipe diffusion
diaper wipe diffusion

A fascinating introduction to osmosis and filtering – and fun to watch! Sea creature shapes take on random tie-dye-type patterns as water-based markers are diluted through an ordinary wet wipe. The flow of colors is slowed and channeled by oil and alcohol, both present in common wipes, giving rise t...



  1. Place the shape onto paper towels then color the diffusing paper with washable markers. The higher the marker concentration, the more intense colors will be.

  2. Place one or more wet wipes directly over the colored sealife shape, overlapping as little as possible. Press down lightly.

  3. Spritz water through the wipe, covering the wipe with spray. Allow to sit for about 5 minutes.

  4. Remove the wipes and set sealife shape aside to dry.

  5. When dry, add creature details with markers if desired.

  6. Display hanging from the ceiling or in a window. Diffusing paper is translucent, so colors really glow when light shines through.