Paint Pouring with Cells

Make paint flow! Combine Vallejo Fluid Acrylics with Thick Pouring Medium and Silicone Oil Cell Medium on an Ampersand Gessobord. Learn a flip cup technique and watch stunning cell designs emerge in your artwork.

Paint Pouring with Cells
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  1. Mix one part Vallejo Thick Pouring Medium with one equal part Vallejo fluid acrylic paint in small cups. Mix the medium with the colors you’ll use in the painting, including a white mixture. Note: Formula ratios must be equal for cells to appear.

  2. Add two drops of Vallejo Silicone Oil Cell Medium to each paint color mixture and combine thoroughly using a craft stick.

  3. Prop the Ampersand Gessobord up on cups inside the Butcher Tray Palette.

  4. Pour the white color mixture onto the Gessobord and smooth it over the surface with a paintbrush.

  5. Pour and layer other color mixtures into a 8 oz cup. Do not stir.

  6. Flip the cup onto center of the Gessobord, and hold it in place. Then, gently move the cup around the board without lifting it to help disperse color over the surface.

  7. Tilt the board gently from one side to the other, allowing paint to cover the entire surface.

  8. Use a craft stick to dislodge paint from the pouring cup and place additional paint where needed.

  9. Hold the mini torch 4"–6" from the painting surface and apply heat to reveal cells. Turn off the heat when no more cells appear.

  10. Try an alternative swipe method to reveal cells. Pour and layer paint color mixtures into one cup. Flip paint onto the surface. Swipe away the top layer of paint carefully using a craft stick where desired. Use the torch to apply heat and reveal more cells.