Acrylic Painting with Artist Jimmy Leslie

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Art that makes a splash! Join Jimmy Leslie, resident artist & director of the Fine Art Collective at ColArt and paint waterfalls crashing in to mist and develop a sense of motion using Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics combined with Liquitex Acrylic Glazing Medium on a pre-stretched canvas. Working with a...

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  1. Tone canvas using Teal.
  2. Use a ruler and pencil to divide the reference photo into segments.
  3. When the toned ground is dry use a pencil to draw the same lines found on the reference photo.
  4. Work quickly to block in color in an effort to cover all areas. Then, assess object relationships at the first stage of progress.

• Sky: Cerulean Blue + White • Hillside: Yellow Oxide + Cobalt Teal • Background trees: Yellow Oxide + Cerulean Blue toned down with Quinacridone Magenta • Outcropping: Phthalo Blue GS + Quinacridone Magenta toned down with Yellow Oxide • Top of waterfall: Phthalo Blue GS + Cerulean Blue • Foreground: Yellow Oxide + Quin Magenta as a base 7. Begin to layer on top of the first areas that have been blocked in while starting to clean up some shapes and bring variety to them. • Foreground: Yellow Medium Azo + Phthalo Blue GS toned down with Yellow Oxide • Foreground water plume: Cerulean Blue + White + Glazing Medium • Top of waterfall: Yellow Medium Azo + Phthalo Glue GS + Cerulean Blue + Quinacridone Magenta added for dark edge • Front of waterfall: Cobalt Blue • Right of waterfall: Cobalt Blue + Cerulean Blue • Right of rear waterfall: Yellow Oxide + Cobalt Teal + White 8. Outcropping — If you feel your painting is too dark, make an adjustment using Phthalo Blue GS + Quinacridone Magenta toned down with Yellow Oxide. However, please note that this will still read as the darkest dark. • Rear waterfall and right of waterfall: Cerulean Blue + White + Glazing Medium to soften edges. • Add variety to trees with Yellow Oxide/Phthalo Blue GS toned down with Quinacridone Magenta and lightened further with Yellow Oxide/White. • Add variety to sky with Cerulean Blue/White mixture and cut into tree shapes.