Acrylic Hummingbird Painting

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Bundle Hummingbird
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Too much color? There’s no such wing! Sketch and paint along with Ashley to create a colorful hummingbird! Learn how to blend neutral and analogous colors to create a harmonious color palette, then paint in transparent layers using Utrecht Artists’ Acrylics!

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Print reference image.


  1. Make a light sketch, or use provided drawing and transfer onto watercolor block.

  2. Set up palette using analogous colors on the left side and neutral colors on the right side.

  3. Make an underpainting using transparent tones. Start by painting the background using Turquoise, Blue and Yellow. Add water to thin acrylics. Use largest brush for big areas and smaller brushes for tight corners and edges.

  4. Apply neutral color tones by mixing White, Black and Raw Sienna. Apply bright colors tones to the head and throat using Turquoise and Quinacridone Red.

  5. Using a mixture of paint with less water, apply layers over the dry underpainting. Use brush strokes to define plumage on the hummingbird.

  6. Finish background with broad strokes using thick paint mixture to unify the painting.