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“Decalcomania” was a technique used by Surrealists to create impromptu paintings controlled largely by chance. This tidy and highly interactive process uses glue paint in a finger painting-style of application — without actually touching it. Look for hidden images in the print and bring out your inn...



  1. Add Blick Liquid Watercolor to white glue to create colors.
  2. Squeeze the colors randomly on one side of a folded sheet of transparent film. Keep the glue close to the center of the page and the fold, away from the edges. The more glue that is used, the stronger the color will be.
  3. Fold and move the paint around with your fingers. Open it and view the print. Allow to dry.
  4. Study the pattern that was formed. Use fine point permanent markers to define the contours. If an edge is found that seems to define a recognizable shape, develop it so that it becomes an obvious image. It may be helpful to turn the print and look at it from different angles. Use a variety of marker colors.
  5. When the contours are finished, trim the edges of the paper and mount it to a piece of white board to display.