"Yarka" is a Russian word that means bright and vibrant, and Yarka products live up to their name.

Professional-quality Yarka watercolors are manufactured in a St. Petersburg factory that's been producing color for over 100 years. Made with the finest raw materials and pigments, Yarka St. Petersburg Watercolors have the highest possible light- and color-fastness. They're made using a liquid-poured process that preserves the integrity of the pigment, resulting in a superior watercolor.

Similarly, Yarka pastels are highly lightfast, made with finely ground mineral and earth pigments and just the right amount of kaolin and Chasov Yar clay. Yarka also makes excellent drawing crayons and student watercolor sets.

The Yarka brand is part of Jack Richeson & Co., a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality art materials.

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