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Van Gogh paints, pencils, and pastels come from Royal Talens, the makers of Rembrandt Artist Oil Paints and Rembrandt Pastels. With its Van Gogh color lines, this Netherlands-based company offers excellent student-grade art materials.

Art teachers love Van Gogh for bringing affordable color and quality to their students. Artists who try out Van Gogh products are often surprised that they're considered student grade.

Van Gogh

  • Van Gogh Oil Colors
    Van Gogh Oil Colors

    Van Gogh Oil Colors are a traditional oil paint formulated with the beginning painter and value conscious customer in mind. A quality paint that won't break the bank. See why this paint is a smart choice!

  • Van Gogh Watercolors
    Van Gogh Watercolors

    Van Gogh Watercolors offer quality and value to the watercolorist in both half pan and tube formats.


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