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Frustrated with the quality of available pastels, the British artist John Hersey began hand-making Unison pastels over a decade ago, in the hills of Northumberland, England.

Developed to be superior in color, texture and response, Unison Soft Pastels are unlike anything on the market today. Unison's unique color formulations are the results of over a decade of experimentation in the creation of intense, vibrant colors. The colors and cycles of related hues reflect the unison found in nature, giving the company its name, Unison Color.

Blended almost exclusively from pure pigment and water, Unison has long been recognized as the premium pastel on the market.


  • Unison Pastels
    Unison Pastels

    Unison Pastels were created by an artist for artists. These uniquely soft and highly pigmented sticks are individually rolled which eliminates hard spots and provides consistent texture and color.


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