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About Sculpey

From its humble beginnings more than 50 years ago to widespread popularity in the new millennium, Sculpey oven-bake clays have become one of the most desirable craft clays on the market today. An entire culture has sprouted around this amazing medium — websites, newsgroups, conferences, and retreats. As the market leader, Sculpey’s parent company, Polyform Products, focuses on creating new ways to stimulate and encourage creativity.

The original idea behind Sculpey’s development in the 1950s was to conduct heat away from the cores of electrical transformers, an idea that was not entirely successful. In the late 1950s, when Sculpey’s inventors discovered it could be molded, sculpted, oven-baked, sanded, drilled, carved, and painted, they began marketing the versatile molding material directly to small art retailers and artists at craft shows.  

Polyform Products continues to inspire a “world of bright ideas” with new and innovative Sculpey products for everyone from the youngest artist to the advanced clay user and clay sculptor. Professional artists and crafters alike will find a Sculpey clay that suits their skill level and area of interest, from Original Sculpey, to Super Sculpey, Premo! Sculpey, Sculpey Soufflé, Sculpey III, and even Super Sculpey Living Doll for professional dollmakers.

Sculpey’s line of modeling compounds also includes a variety of firmness levels and consistencies, from original Sculpey to Super Sculpey Medium and Firm Blends, to Sculpey UtraLight Clay and Liquid Sculpey for molding, bonding, or mixing with pigments or oil-based paints.

Sculpey also offers a variety of tools, jewelry findings, and accessories designed to enhance the artmaking experience. Even the youngest artists will love making fun forms with Sculpey Eraser Clay, creating their favorite shapes with Sculpey Molds, and cutting out hearts, stars, and more with Sculpey Mini Metal Clay Cutters.