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About Robert Simmons

With a history that reaches back more than 225 years, Daler-Rowney knows that high-quality brushes are the most important tool in an artist’s arsenal. As the maker of Robert Simmons brushes, Daler-Rowney has a long, proud history of brushmaking that has been passed down from generation to generation. The company owns its own brush factory, assuring control over the entire process, from hair selection, to the handle design and manufacture, to the ferrule.

The Robert Simmons line of artist brushes is exclusive to North America. It consists of several brush series, each designed for different styles and painting media over a wide range of skill levels. Daler-Rowney is so sure of the quality of its Robert Simmons brushes that every brush comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Robert Simmons brushes are made from the finest materials, individually handcrafted from start to finish by brushmakers with generations of experience. Every Robert Simmons brush passes through the hands of 10 craftsmen during the manufacturing process. The Robert Simmons brush line includes:

  • Robert Simmons Sapphire — A natural Red Sable and synthetic blend that combines the spring and color-holding capacity of Red Sable and the durability and affordability of synthetic hair. These brushes can be used with all types of paint.

  • Robert Simmons Expression — These brushes employ a synthetic blend with different thicknesses of hair for use with all types of paint.

  • Robert Simmons White Sable — The original synthetic brush pioneered by Robert Simmons. It duplicates the spring and fine point of Red Sable by employing different diameters and lengths of synthetic brush hair — at a fraction of the cost.

  • Robert Simmons Sienna — This brush range features a top-quality, state-of-the-art synthetic brush hair that holds a sharp point every time. Sienna brushes are fitted with 22 carat gold ferrules, and are ideal for acrylic and watercolor painting.

  • Robert Simmons Titanium — These brushes are made from a synthetic imitation of Hog Bristle. The brush hair has a stiff feel and holds brushstrokes well, making it ideal for use with heavy-body paints.

  • Robert Simmons Signet — Made from the finest-grade Chungking Hog Bristle, these brushes are perfect for oils.

  • Simply Simmons XL brushes come in extra-large (XL) sizes, in natural, synthetic, and natural Hog Bristle. Other brushes in the Simply Simmons line include Goat Hair mops for watercolors and inks, and a synthetic mix for watercolors. Created for use by students, amateurs, and professionals, Simply Simmons brushes offer excellent performance, dependability, and value.