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About Krink

To tell the story of Krink, you need to tell the story of KR.

KR grew up in Queens in the 1980s when graffiti was a part of the attitude as much as it was the landscape. In the early 1990s, KR moved to San Francisco with a whole different attitude regarding materials and styles. Using the streets as an R&D lab, he experimented with different tools and techniques to create bigger, drippy marker tags. He also began making his own inks. From his trial and error, KR's ink — or KRINK — was created. KR shared his concoction with a few of his friends and the rest of the story is history.

Today, Krink products ship daily from the company's headquarters in Brooklyn to locations around the world. The product line has grown to offer a variety of markers and inks that are unique in their style, history, and quality, while the trademark Krink paint drip aesthetic has found its way into art and design, becoming a standard for street-inspired artists on a global level.

What started as a product created to fit the specific needs of graffiti writers has grown into a product line with a range of creative tools for creative thinkers — and a premier art supply line for a new generation of artists.