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The GOLDEN MXR (Virtual Paint Mixer) is a tool which allows the artist to virtually experiment with and explore color options within the GOLDEN palette.

The history of Golden Artist Colors is the history of acrylic paint. The late Sam Golden, along with his paint-making uncle, Lenny Bocour, developed one of the first commercially available acrylics at the midpoint of the last century.

In 1972, after 30 years experience in the business, Sam retired from paint making and moved to picturesque New Berlin, New York. Bored and restless in retirement, he began Golden Artist Colors, Inc., in 1980, based out of a 900 square foot renovated cow barn in his back yard.

Golden embodies Sam's lifelong dedication to serve the professional artist. Sam described his work as simply "making tools" for artists, actively searching out ways to maintain extraordinarily high pigment load, thick and smooth consistencies, flexibility, and excellent brush and knife stroke retention.

Today, Golden is respected as a leader in American paint making, maintaining a laserlike focus on acrylic paint. Their concern for artists has yielded constantly improving paint films and safer products for the studio.

Sam's son Mark continues the legacy of Golden, as the company continues to win awards for both the quality of its products, and the quality of its business.


  • QoR Modern Watercolors
    QoR Modern Watercolors

    Made by Golden Artist Colors, QoR Watercolors are made using an exclusive binder that provides more pigment with every stroke. QoR Modern Watercolors have all the subtlety, transparency, and flow of a great traditional watercolor, yet the colors embody the fire and vibrance of the best acrylic or oil paint — even after drying.

  • Golden Heavy Body Acrylics
    Golden Heavy Body Acrylics

    Heavy body acrylics were the original paint line created by Golden. This artist quality acrylic line offers the largest assortment of unique pure pigments. No fillers or extenders are used. Each color is formulated according to the pigments unique characteristics for optimal results.

    • Golden Artist Fluid Acrylics
      Golden Artist Fluid Acrylics

      Golden Fluid Acrylics were created for a more aqeous acrylic paint appication but with the same pigment intensity of the heavy body paints. No more thinning out your color for fluid painting techniques!

    • Golden Open Acrylics
      Golden Open Acrylics

      What makes Golden Open Acrylics different from traditional acrylics? These artist quality Open paints allow for wet-on-wet techniques and a more relaxed approach to acrylic painting, similar to that of oil painting.

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