General Pencil has been making craft, school, and cosmetic pencils in Jersey City, New Jersey, for well over a century.

Edward Weissenborn, a German trained pencil maker, began the American Pencil Co, which he sold in 1885. Edward's son Oscar then began making pencils in the family home in Jersey City, using the name the Pencil Exchange. In 1914 he moved into his own factory, and thirty years later the name was changed to General Pencil Company.

General Pencil remains under the direction of the Weissenborn family, producing about 72 million pencils in 350 varieties each year. They're the choice of aspiring and world renowned artists alike.

General manufactures pencils using sustained yield Genuine California Incense Cedar Wood. General's pencils do not contain any rainforest wood, and are approved nontoxic by the Pencil Makers Association.


Drawing and Sketching Sets
Drawing Tools and Accessories
Watercolor Pencils

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