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Artograph was founded in 1947, based on the founder's ideas for improving on existing methods of sizing and visualizing an art image. The first Artograph projector was built with materials from a junk shop, including assorted automobile parts, a garage door track, plywood, and a bellows.

Since then, Artograph has continued to expand its product line with one governing philosophy — to design "Products for the Creative Mind." Artograph makes your job as an artist easier, helping you to get to the fun part of making art.

Artograph projectors are uniquely designed to effectively project an image of a pattern, design, or photograph for visualizing and tracing. Artograph products are backed by more than 50 years of manufacturing expertise, and a long-held reputation both for quality, and for responsiveness to customer needs.


  • Choosing the Right Artograph Light Box
    Choosing the Right Artograph Light Box

    Choosing the right tool for your needs is important to every artist, student, and hobbiest. Learn more about the features and benefits of various Artograph light boxes to ensure you select the right one for you.

  • All About the Artograph Tracer Jr
    All About the Artograph Tracer Jr

    Check out the features of the Artograph Tracer Jr. Projector and see how it works. A useful and affordable drawing tool for beginners.

  • All About the Artograph Design Series Projectors
    All About the Artograph Design Series Projectors

    These quality projectors from Artograph are available in two formats; one for horizontal projection and one for vertical. Learn more about the features of these projectors and see how they work.

  • Choosing the Right Artograph Projector
    Choosing the Right Artograph Projector

    Before you buy, find out more about these Artograph projectors and determine which one best suits your needs. From the beginner to the professional we are sure to have the right projector for you.

  • Artograph LED LightPads
    Artograph LED LightPads

    A great drawing tool! The super-bright, maintenance-free LED lamps provide cool, even illumination and last up to 30,000 hours. The surface is double-layered for firmness, and encased in a durable extruded aluminum frame.

  • Artograph LED200 Digital Projector
    Artograph LED200 Digital Projector

    The latest in image projection! The Artograph LED200 Digital Art Projector allows brilliantly sharp digital images to be projected from virtually any source — computers, SD cards, digital cameras, even Smartphones! Connectivity options include HDMI, RGB, Audio In, Audio Out, and a multi-card USB reader.


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