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Family-owned since 1919, Amaco is the leader in offering safe ceramic materials, and the first in the industry to formulate lead-free glazes. With almost 600 AP Non-Toxic Lead-Free colors, Amaco Velvet Underglazes are top sellers because they fire true to color, can be mixed and layered like paint, and give matte or glossy effects. Amaco’s wide variety of other high-quality glazes and specialty glazes also offer consistent, reliable results.

The first manufacturer of modeling clay in the United States, Amaco makes more clay than any other company in North America. Amaco also offers a variety of talc-free ceramic clays, air-dry clays, and self-hardening clays like the tried-and-true classics Marblex and Mexican Pottery Clay, as well as the sculpting compounds Sculptamold and Claycrete.

In 1978, Amaco bought Brent Potters Wheels & Equipment, and now offers a 10-year warranty on all Brent wheels, many of which include the Classic Controller as a standard feature, assuring optimal torque and complete control.

Amaco Square Kilns are engineered to last more than 20 years, while Amaco/Excel Round Kilns, featuring Select Fire controllers, offer affordable options in a variety of sizes.

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Other Products by Amaco
  • Amaco Ceramic Underglazes
    Amaco Ceramic Underglazes

    Amaco ceramic underglazes stay put where applied, even when fired. They offer controlled designs and come in a variety of formats; liquid, semi-moist, pastel stick and pencil. With underglaze, you can achieve a wide range of effects and detailed lines that you can't get with regular glazes.

  • Amaco Glass Fusing and Slumping
    Amaco Glass Fusing and Slumping

    Amaco offers everything you need to make beautiful glass fused and slumped pieces in your studio, classroom or home. Watch how easy it is to work with glass.

  • Amaco Ceramic Kilns
    Amaco Ceramic Kilns

    Selecting the right kiln for your needs can simplify your ceramic studio or classroom and facilitate successful use for many years to come. This video shows the variety of Amaco Excel kilns available and explains some of the key features so that you can make the perfect decision for your environment.

  • Brent Pottery Wheels
    Brent Pottery Wheels

    Brent "built for life" Potter's Wheels are recognized as the highest quality and longest lasting potter's wheels on the market. This video shows the features and benefits of Brent wheels and will help you select the right wheel for your needs.

  • Amaco Brent QuickCenter System
    Amaco Brent QuickCenter System

    The QuickCenter System by Brent is a revolutionary tool that helps any user through the centering process. This tool helps develop confidence and guarantees successful throwing the first time and every time. See how easy this three step process is.


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