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Collage of Troy Kilgore's paintings
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Paint an Outdoor Still Life

Learn how to arrange and paint an outdoor still life! Select items with an array of complementary colors, textures, and opacities to create your still life scene. Then set up your easel and palette and use a view finder to find your edges. Use charcoal to create a rough sketch, a spray fixative to set your charcoal, and block in your painting by adding middle tones. Finally, complete your work by adding highlights, contours, and additional detail.


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About the Artist

Troy Kilgore painting plein air

Troy Kilgore is an award-winning oil painter known for his vivid plein air landscapes. Prior to becoming a professional artist in 2002, he held illustration and design positions in advertising and the greeting card industry. Troy has participated in some of the largest and most prestigious plein air events in the country and his work has been acquired by collectors throughout the world. He has lived in Bloomington, Indiana, for the last 30 years.

Check out Troy’s work at troykilgore.com and explore his tutorials on his YouTube channel.