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Mia Tarducci, Abstract Artist

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Oil Painting Fundamentals

Learn practical skills essential to any painting practice. Follow along as Mia demonstrates how she uses just six colors to create a nuanced palette inspired by nature, then learn how to expedite the drying process and produce unique effects using a variety of mediums. Finally, learn techniques for achieving crisp, clean lines on canvas with artist tape and diverse painting tools. Enjoy experimenting to create your own distinct and inspiring works of art!


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About the Artist

MIa Tarducci painting in her studio

Mia Tarducci is known for her large scale, highly textured abstract expressionist paintings. Since first exhibiting in 2009, her work has been selected by jurors from the MoMA, Guggenheim, Brooklyn Museum, MoCA Cleveland, Carnegie Museum of Art, and others for exhibitions throughout the United States. She received the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Emerging Artist of the Year award in 2014 and has been featured in national publications including New American Paintings. She was most recently voted into the position of vice president of the Associate Artists of Pittsburgh and has mentored dozens of emerging artists over the years. She was raised in Newport, RI and is currently based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Check out Mia’s work at miatarducci.com and subscribe to her social channels: Instagram and Facebook