Blick Affiliate Program


Spread the word about BLICK and get rewarded! Earn up to 10% on BLICK sales that come through your website.

Affiliate Terms and Conditions

RULES AND REGULATIONS Compliance with FTC Guides: Affiliate shall comply with Federal Trade Commission Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising (16 Code of Federal Regulations Part 255) in connection with links to the Blick Art Materials web site. In furtherance, but not in limitation thereof, Affiliate shall conspicuously disclose to customers that Affiliate is compensated for linking to the Dick Blick web site.

Please be aware that we may require you to grant us access to members-only or restricted sections or pages of your sites to review link placement and content.

Search Policy: In brief, we do not allow affiliates to advertise on any search engines using the Dick Blick name or any variation of (i.e.,,, Dick Blick, etc.) including but not limited to keyword bidding, display URL’s, and site names. We do not allow affiliates to advertise on any search engine using the trade name of any of our competitors or enhance web pages with the trade names of any competitors in attempt to attract visitors, including but not limited to meta tags, visible text, cloaked text, and page titles. Violations of these or other policies listed in the Blick Art Materials details page on Commission Junction and ShareASale may result in the voiding of commissions and potential expiration from the program.

Data Feeds: Please do not submit data feeds to third party shopping sites. Sales to schools and businesses may not qualify for affiliate commissions. We reserve the right to reject or cancel, at any time, websites that contain adult content, hate content or engage in practices we deem unacceptable. We reserve the right to expire publisher accounts at will, according to the needs and goals of the company.

Please read the complete Terms and Policies statement in the details page for Blick Art Materials. All policies are strictly enforced.