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Exercising the imagination helps children develop problem-solving skills. This lesson incorporates childrens' artistic skills to sculpt finger puppets out of clay and use their imaginations to make up a story for their characters. The stories do not have to be written but can be told freely. Create a theatre — even a table with a cloth over it makes a great stage for Wee Puppets.


  1. Think of a story. The story can be from a real event you've experienced, one completely invented from your imagination, or a blend of the two. The stories can also be designed around the characters you create.


  1. Begin with an approximately 1-1/4" ball of Cloud Clay or Model Magic as the base for each finger puppet. Children should consider how many characters are necessary to make their stories come alive.
  2. To make a puppet, push a finger into the clay and form the clay around it. The puppets should sit snuggly on the finger. If the puppet is too loose, it will fall off.
  3. Create details with additional clay using a variety of colors. Colors can be mixed to create additional colors. Make sure to think about the stories to determine any accessories the characters may need. The clay should stick to itself. After 30 minutes the clay may begin to dry and the pieces may no longer stick together firmly. Use glue to reattach the pieces as necessary. Use an extruding tool to help create fine details.
  4. Let the puppets dry completely. The finished pieces will be lightweight, with the consistency of a firm foam ball.
  5. Paint a thin coat of Blickrylic Gloss Medium over the dry finger puppets to protect them from dirt. The coating will also help the puppet pieces stick together.
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