Terms & Conditions

  1. MEMBERSHIP. Membership in the Blick Arts Materials and Utrecht Art Supplies Preferred Customer Program is completely voluntary and is not required as a condition to completing any transaction.
  2. REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS. Valid driver's license or ID is necessary to register, and membership is free at the time of registration. Membership in the Blick Art Materials and Utrecht Art Supplies Preferred Customer Program is valid for one year from date of registration or renewal.
  3. TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP. Membership must be renewed on an annual basis. Failure to renew upon the expiration of any one-year term will result in termination of Membership. A member may terminate Membership and any time by sending a written request to be removed from the Preferred Customer Program to: Attn: Mailing List Maintenance-Preferred Customer Program: Dick Blick Holdings, PO Box 1267, Galesburg, IL 61402-1267
  4. WEB MATCH REBATES. Preferred Customers are eligible for Web Match Rebates, valid at both Blick Art Materials and Utrecht Art Supplies retail stores. A valid Preferred Card must be presented at the time of purchase in order to qualify for Web Match Rebates.
    1. AUTOMATIC WEB MATCH REBATE. The Web Match Rebate is equal to the difference between the net retail store purchase price and the total cost of the same purchases from the Blick on-line store, including all delivery and handling charges. Web Match Rebates will be calculated based on the total purchase amount, and not based on the price of individual items. Where the total purchase amount for identical items, including freight and other charges, is less through the Blick on-line store than the retail store total, Preferred Customers will be entitled to a Web Match Rebate. Rebate calculation is subject to the availability of technology to perform the match (i.e., communication lines, software).
    2. WEB MATCH REBATE ELIGIBILITY. Web Match Rebates apply to net retail in-store purchases, after all available product sale discounts, coupons or other discounts have been applied. All purchased merchandise items are eligible towards Web Match Rebate, with the exception of gift cards. Items that are not available through the Blick online store (e.g. certain products sold exclusively in retail and design center purchases) will be based on the net retail in-store price.
    3. INSTANT REBATE APPLIED. The Web Match Rebate will be calculated at the time of completing the total transaction at register and will be immediately applied. No further action is required of the customer. The calculation is based on a comparison of the total net retail price (after application of all discounts) to the dickblick.com website total net shopping cart price (after all applicable offers and discounts are applied). In the event the product is a retail-only product (i.e. not sold on dickblick.com site), the system will automatically use the net retail price shown on receipt. The result of the comparison will be shown below the subtotal net sales transaction line on the receipt as an instant rebate OR the receipt message will indicate retail store total pricing was the lower price. The Web Match Rebate is an instant rebate and, as such, is available only at the time of original purchase. Price adjustments at a later date are not applicable as Internet prices change frequently and comparison is only eligible at the moment of time when the transaction is completed at register.
    4. RETURNED MERCHANDISE WITH WEB MATCH REBATE. If returned merchandise is purchased with an applied Web Match Rebate at a retail store, and otherwise qualifies for a refund under the Blick Art Materials or Utrecht Art Supplies Return Policy, the Preferred Customer will be given a refund equal to the retail in-store price of the returned item indicated on the receipt minus a pro-rated portion of the Web Match Rebate that was applied. The pro-rated portion shall be calculated by multiplying the total Web Match Rebate applied by a fraction, the numerator of which is the net sale price of the returned item(s), and the denominator of which is the net subtotal of the original transaction as shown on the receipt. Refunds will be given in the same form of payment as the original purchase, in accordance with the Blick Art Materials or Utrecht Art Supplies Return Policy. Alternatively, the Preferred Customer may choose to receive an in-store credit for the full retail price of the return after the pro-rated portion of the Web Match Rebate has been applied. All returns of merchandise purchased pursuant to a Web Match Rebate remain otherwise subject to the Blick Art Materials or Utrecht Art Supplies general Return Policy, including, but not limited to, designation of non-returnable items and restrictions on the time frame for returns.
      1. Member information stays with us and will not be sold to third parties.
      2. Web Match Rebates are valid only at participating Blick and Utrecht retail stores. All Web Match Rebates are subject to applicable state laws and regulations.
      3. Web Match Rebates are non-transferable, and are not redeemable for cash.
      4. Blick Art Materials may alter, suspend, or terminate the Preferred Customer Program or the Web Match Rebate program at any time, and may revise these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to Preferred Customer Program members. A copy of the current Terms and Conditions can be obtained at any Blick Art Materials or Utrecht Art Supplies retail store. The calculation of the web match rebate is subject to the best efforts of the Company’s technological capabilities. Blick makes no warranty of those capabilities to work properly on each transaction. Blick is not liable for incorrect calculations, but will refund mistakes if notified by the customer within 30 days.
      5. By registering in the Preferred Customer program, Members understand and acknowledge (1) that they are voluntarily becoming a member of the Blick Art Materials and Utrecht Art Supplies Preferred Customer Program; (2) that they provided accurate information on and signed an application to become a member; and (3) that providing such information or submitting an application was not required in any way as a condition to completing any transaction.
      6. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will limit Blick Art Materials from exercising any legal rights and remedies available under law.
      7. All questions or disputes regarding these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by Blick Art Materials in its sole discretion and its decision shall be final.