Platinum Kit Program

Blick carries supplies for all art and art-related classes, as requested by instructors across the country. Whenever your students need supplies, we can take care of it!

Platinum Kit Program

Give us your foundation kit or class supply list and let us do the work for you! We work directly with instructors to develop a turn-key, custom program for each department or class, and we guarantee that the entire kit will meet your specifications and needs.

We provide kits at the best competitive prices in the market place. Plus, we guarantee service, satisfaction, and delivery!

Additional Platinum Kit Advantages:

  • Pre-assembled to instructor specifications
  • Materials ordered in advance to ensure stock
  • Approximately 50% off MSRP on overall kit price

Benefits to Your Institution:

  • Blick staff members, many of whom are artists themselves, are there from start to finish, ready to answer your questions and distribute your supplies
  • Kits are pre-packaged, easy to carry, and distributed along with giveaways and samples to keep the atmosphere fun and creative
  • Our professional booth and staff make the logistics behind class list distribution a virtual turn-key event for schools
  • Students have every item requested by the instructor on day one!

Benefits to Students:

  • Students receive the best introductory student discount in the market
  • They enjoy free product samples and giveaways at the Blick booth
  • They will have exactly what they need, when they need it!

Kits can be distributed one of three easy ways:

  • On site
  • At a Blick store
  • At your school bookstore

For more information about the Platinum Kit Program, please contact:

Blick U

As a self-service alternative, you can also customize your program online thru Blick U, an online way to order course supply kits.