Artists Serving Artists

A Program of Blick Art Materials

Our employees are artists, too! Watch them in action by clicking the videos below.
Then visit them at a store near you to ask about products and techniques!

Serafima Sokolov ASA
Serafima Sokolov
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Since learning that Utrecht manufactures its own paints in our Brooklyn factory, artist and Utrecht employee Serafima Sokolov was inspired to learn how to make paint herself. Watch Serafima create her own color.

John Moody ASA
John Moody
Los Angeles, CA

Whether skilled painter and Blick employee John Moody creates large scale murals or paintings in a smaller format, he uses a wide range of Liquitex materials from spray paints to paints, and acrylic markers.

Allison Frink ASA
Allison Frink
Roswell, GA

Artist & Blick employee Allison Frink uses water media after discovering Arches Watercolor Paper. Her techniques include using Rembrandt Pastels with watercolor wash effects and other mixed media.

Grace Lannon ASA
Grace Lannon
Oakland, CA

See why artist and Blick employee Grace Lannon likes to create works on paper using Daler Rowney F&W ink. Check out the benefits of working with an acrylic-based ink!

Lauryn Buda ASA
Lauryn Buda
Roseville, MN

When Lauryn Buda is not working at the Blick store, she works as an illustrator and printmaker. Her "instruments" of choice are the steel-tipped Koh-i-Noor Rapidograph technical pens, seen here on Clearprint Vellum.

Learn more about the fine art materials used here by visiting a store and
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