Golden Acrylic Mediums

Golden Acrylic Mediums offer a range of consistency from pourable to moldable, with various levels of transparency and finish. Experimentation is recommended. Mediums may be used to create glazes, extend paints, build texture, change finishes, or as a gluing agent for collage projects.

Acrylic Flow Release — Breaks the surface tension of water, increasing its ability to soak into porous surfaces. This allows the acrylic painter to achieve rich stains on surfaces such as watercolor paper and unprimed canvas. 4 oz (118 ml) jar.

Acrylic Glazing Liquid — Glazing Liquids are great for creating glazes or faux finishes on interior walls and furniture, or for glazing in fine art painting. Liquids dry slowly, allowing the artist extended periods of working time.

Clear Granular Gel — Made from clear acrylic granular solids, this gel is designed to add texture without altering color.

Clear Tar Gel — Designed to produce a stringy, tar-like feel in a colorless gel. The gel is excellent for "dripping" over surfaces. The more it is mixed, the stringier it becomes. Letting the mixture sit before use allows foam bubbles to rise.

Coarse Molding Paste — For building surfaces or as a ground for drawing media. Crystalline appearance.

Extra Heavy Gel — These gels have the same characteristics as the Heavy Gel above, but they can hold better peaks and are ideal for impasto techniques. Along with the High Solid Gels, they are the thickest of the Golden Gels. Available in Gloss, Matte, and Semi-Gloss.

Extra Heavy Gel / Molding Paste — A blend of heavy gel and molding paste, dries to a satin, semi-opaque finish. Blends well with colors. Excellent for increasing viscosity and building surfaces.

Fiber Paste — Create rough, flexible, paper-like surfaces on canvas or board. Use as a ground or a texture.

Fluid Matte Medium — A liquid medium for extending colors, decreasing gloss, and increasing film integrity. Works well with Golden Fluid Acrylics.

Glass Bead Gel — Clear gel with densely packed glass beads. Adds texture and luminous effects.

Hard Molding Paste — Provides the hardest, opaque, matte finish. Useful for creating tough, durable finishes for smooth or textured surfaces. Can be carved with hand or powered tools when dry.

Heavy Gel — Thicker in consistency than Golden Heavy Body Acrylic colors, these gels hold peaks and dry translucent. Blend them with colors to increase body. Available in Gloss, Matte, and Semi-Gloss.

High Solid Gel — The thickest of the gels. Holds high peaks, useful for simulating oil paint behavior. Contains less water and more acrylic solids, so it shrinks less than other gels.

Light Molding Paste — Dramatically reduces the weight traditional molding paste would add, while increasing flexibility. Holds peaks and dries to an opaque, matte finish, making it a wonderful additive to acrylic paint. Makes an excellent ground for watercolor-like techniques.

Matte Medium — This is a general purpose, pourable medium for extending color, decreasing gloss, and increasing film integrity. It can also be used to create a clear ground, instead of gesso.

Molding Paste — Dries to a hard and durable, yet flexible, semi-gloss opaque film. Its consistency is similar to that of Golden Gels, but is slightly more rigid because of its higher density. Golden's Molding Paste holds stiff peaks to create highly textured surfaces.

Polymer (Gloss) Medium — A general purpose liquid for glazes, extending colors, enhancing gloss, and increasing film integrity. It's oil-like and resinous, promoting flow and leveling.

Regular Gel — These gels have the same thickness and creamy consistency as Golden Heavy Body Acrylic colors. They extend paint and regulate translucency without affecting consistency, hold moderate peaks and textures, and are ideal for glazing. Available in Gloss, Matte, and Semi-Gloss.

Self-Leveling Clear Gel — The thinnest of the gels. Designed to produce an even film with excellent clarity.

Silkscreen Medium — A waterborne system designed to blend with Golden Acrylic colors for silkscreen application. It increases the working time and retards paint from drying in the screen.

Soft Gel — Thinner than Golden Heavy Body Acrylic colors, these gels are moderately pourable, hold only slight peaks, and are ideal for glazing and other techniques that require transparency. Soft Gels can also be used to create a non-removable isolation coat over any painting. To do so, gels must be thinned with water at a two-to-one ratio and applied prior to any coats of varnish. Available in Gloss, Matte, and Semi-Gloss.

Super Loaded Matte Medium — This medium contains an extremely high level of matting agent, so by adding just a little you can effectively reduce gloss and shine without compromising color strength or viscosity. Not intended for use on its own, it should always be blended with acrylic paint.

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Acrylic Glazing Liquid - Gloss
Acrylic Glazing Liquid - Gloss
Acrylic Glazing Liquid - Gloss
Acrylic Glazing Liquid - Satin
Acrylic Glazing Liquid - Satin
Fluid Matte Medium
GAC 100
Matte Medium
Super Loaded Matte Medium
Polymer (Gloss) Medium
Glass Bead Gel
Fiber Paste
Clear Tar Gel
Coarse Molding Paste
Silkscreen Medium

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