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Crystal Productions Art Display Cards

This series of instructional cards uses examples and diagrams to illustrate and reinforce art basics. Each 18” x 6” card is printed in full color on durable cardstock and scored so that it can be folded and used as a flash card for quizzes and testing — or displayed so students can take a closer look.

Artists — This set of 16 cards introduces popular artists from a range of art movements and time periods including Bearden, Calder, Cassatt, Da Vinci, Frankenthaler, Hokusai, Hopper, Kahlo, Lichtenstein, Matisse, Michelangelo, Monet, O'Keeffe, Picasso, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh. Each card includes the artist’s nationality, lifespan, and style or artistic era.

Art Motivation — Encouraging, inspiring, and supportive messages for artists of any age are presented in this set of 16 cards. Exemplary phrases of motivation include "Tell your story in pictures and everyone will understand," "Let your artwork be your journal," and "The best art is never finished."

Art Styles Set — This 32 card set introduces students to styles as wide-ranging as Prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Gothic, Renaissance, Realism, Impressionism, Fauvism, Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Regionalism, Pop Art, and Op Art.

Careers in Art Set — This 12-card set introduces students to possible career opportunities in art, including Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Publication Design, Photography, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Entertainment Design, Fine Arts and Crafts, Art Education, Museums and Galleries, and Support for Artists.

Ceramics Set — This 16 card set introduces ceramics concepts including wedging, pinch pots, coil building, slab construction, hump molds, tiles, score and slip, centering, throwing, trimming, glazing, and more.

Color Set — This 16 card set introduces basic color vocabulary, including hue; primary, secondary, and tertiary colors; monochromatic, analogous, complementary, and triadic colors; warm and cool colors; value; tint; tone; shades; neutral colors; and intensity.

Craft Set — This 16-card set features Stained Glass, Glassblowing, Functional Ceramics, Decorative Ceramics, Mosaics, Jewelry, Sculpture, Leatherwork, Weaving, Batik, Quilts, Papermaking, Bookbinding, Baskets, Wood Bowls, and Wood Furniture.

Disciplines of Art — These 16 cards help students learn and apply the four disciplines of art (art history, aesthetics, art criticism, and art production). Questions include "What is the nature of art?," "Who can be an artist?," and "What tools are used to create art?" Use this set in combination with large art reproductions for maximum benefit.

Drawing and Painting Tools — This 24‑card set graphically illustrates and defines drawing and painting tools. The card include color wheel, mannequin, compass, scratchboard, canvas, sketch pad, palette, pastel, marker, paint, palette knife, airbrush, easel, paper, eraser, charcoal, ruler, pencil, brush, sponge, smock, mat/frame, stencil, and crayon.

Drawing and Perspective Set — This 16 card set introduces students to drawing concepts that include gesture, contour, figures, portraits, still lifes, landscapes, atmospheric perspective, one-point perspective, two-point perspective, and more.

Elements of Design Set — This 14 card set covers the concepts of line, shape, color, value, form, texture, space, balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, and unity.

Global Folk Art — This 16-card set introduces traditional art forms from around the world, including Wycinanki, Aboriginal Art, Japanese Fish Kites, Origami, Totems, Celtic Knots, Bark Painting, Gyotaku, Clay Whistles, Hieroglyphics, and more.

Painting Set — This 16-card set covers Acrylic, Airbrush Technique, Casein, Chinese Brush Painting, Egg Tempera, Finger Painting, Fresco Painting, Gouache, Hard-edge Painting, Impasto Technique, Ink and Wash, Oil, Pastel Painting, Palette, Tempera, and Watercolor.

Shapes: Art & Math — This set of 16 folding cards introduces and defines shapes, making it great for interdisciplinary instruction.

Vocabulary Set — This set of 48 cards covers a wide variety of subjects including drawing, painting, perspective, media, printmaking, ceramics, and more. Definitions are printed on the back of the cards for handy reference.

Why We Teach Art — Designed to inspire and motivate, this set of 16 display cards reminds students and teachers alike of the importance of incorporating art into the curriculum.

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Art Display Cards, Artists, Set of 16
Art Display Cards, Artists, Set of 16
Art Display Cards, Artists, Set of 16
Art Display Cards, Art Motivation, Set of 16
Art Display Cards, Art Styles
Art Display Cards, Ceramics
Art Display Cards, Color
Art Display Cards, Craft Set
Art Display Cards, Disciplines of Art, Set of 16  NEW!
Art Display Cards, Drawing and Painting Tools
Art Display Cards, Drawing and Perspective
Art Display Cards, Elements of Design
Art Display Cards, Global Folk Art
Art Display Cards, Painting Set
Shapes: Art & Math, Set of 16
Art Display Cards, Vocabulary Set
Art Display Cards, Why We Teach Art, Set of 16

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68615-1016 Global Folk Art, Set of 16    List $17.95 $16.15   
68615-1006 Painting, Set of 16    List $17.95 $16.15   
68615-1025 Shapes: Art & Math, Set of 16    List $17.95 $16.15   
68660-1048 Vocabulary, Set of 48      $17.99   
68615-1027 Why We Teach Art, Set of 16    List $17.95 $16.15   
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